Chad Ochocinco agrees to terms with the Miami DolphinsBy Chad Ochocinco by a store opening amid Miami aboard June 1 (Getty Images)Well, that didn't take long. Unlike his old buddy Terrell Owens, former and receiver bottom a new crew very immediately afterward his recent release from his age one.brbrChad ambition bound AFC East franchises from the Pats, who released him last week,to the , who agreed apt terms aboard a one-year handle with the fruitful and mercurial recipient on Monday. The move was made afterward Ochocinco worked out with the crew.brbrThe news was officially released on Chad's own website, (The Ochocinco News Network), with the following statement:brbrWe impartial got confirmation from Chad Ochocinco that he has just signed with the . The 6-time Pro Bowler will immediately obtain a accident to finish his career among his family state. More details as they arrive.brbrOchocinco,among April of 2011, CNBC named him the most influential athlete among social medium has already adjusted his Twitter contour with "Miami Dolphins WR"in his profile and a new cartoon version of himself, wearing the Dolphins' uniform.brbr[Related: brbrThe Dolphins later confirmed the signing. Ochocinco didn't do many among one season with the afterward the Bengals traded him up north -- he caught equitable 15 passes for 276 yards and one touchdown. It namely believed that he struggled with the team's complicated system of option routes, and he wouldn't be the first player to do so. With the Dolphins, things are likely apt be revise -- there's a three-way quarterback battle with a relatively inexperienced beginner by the brain (first-round select Ryan Tannehill, who played quarterback for fewer than two years amid academy so it's ambiguous that every path ambition have four or five feasible permutations right away.brbrChad drives Dolphins CB Vontae Davis nuts surrounded 2010. (Getty Images)brbrIn addition, Chad brings his expertise to perhaps the highest receiver-starved crew among the NFL. With former receiver Brandon Marshall off apt the Chicago Bears among an offseason commerce the Dolphins' leading receiver from last year's roster namely possession man Davone Bess, who caught 51 balls as 537 yards and three touchdowns. Before his associative drought amid New England, Chad had caught at least 53 passes among every of the last nine seasons. In seven of those seasons, he gained at least an,000 receiving yards,nhl jerseys,though he last did that among 2009. But even if Chad can't bring himself among his maximal apt Miami, what he has left in the tank should assistance one crime desperate for alms.brbrNew Dolphins head consultant Joe Philbin said that the acquisition was never an indictment of any of the players that we have,merely there's no doubt that the new recipient corps has underwhelmed within the 2012 preseason,just as it had ahead"I think we must capture the ball more consistently by each position aboard offense for it's never very where it needs apt be," the guide concluded.brbr

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Ng Teong Soon Consulting Engineer was founded by Ng Teong Soon in April 1999. The company is specialized in providing Consulting Engineering Services in Fire Safety. Our core services are in these three areas:
  • Fire Certificate: To carry out inspection for all M&E system for commercial & industrial building, for the purpose of renewing Fire Certificate;
  • To design, prepare and Qualified Person endorsement for Building Plan , sprinkler plan, automatic Fire alarm plan, and ACMV plan, for submission to FSSD, and obtain Fire Safety Certificate / Temporary Fire Permit;
  • Registered Inspector : To carry out fire safety inspection for all Addition & Alteration works, and new erected building, for the purpose of applying Fire Safety Certificate / Temporary Fire Permit
  • Public Entertainment License: To apply for Public Entertainment License for PUB, Karaoke Lounge and Massage Centre, including applying for change of use application from URA and applying for Fire Safety Certificate from FSSD.
Ng Teong Soon was graduated in National University Of Singapore, he obtained BSc (Mechanical Engineering) (Hons) in 1983, and Master Of Science In Building Services in 1988.
After graduation in 1983, he started working as an engineering in Public Works Department, involved in the building of Changi Airport Passenger Terminal Building II. In 1992, he transferred to SCDF Fire Safety & Shelter Department, work as a Branch Head of Building Plan & Material Branch. From 1997 to 1999, he transferred back to Public Works Department, involved in the building of Ministry of Home Affairs HQ Building in Irrawady Road. He decided to set up his own consulting engineering firm in 1999.
Biographical Information :
Bachelor Of Engineer (Honours) - Mechanical
Master Of Building Science -Building Services
Professional Engineer Mechanical
Member Institute of Engineer Singapore
Member Institute of Fire Engineer


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